Abbeyquarter Men's Group

Abbeyquarter Men’s Group

Since their establishment in 2010 Abbeyquarter Men’s Group have strived to create a greener and more sustainable Estate. Their main base is the Cranmore Housing Estate and they have been instrumental in the creation of green spaces for both recreation purposes and as potential habitats for wildlife.
In 2011 they created their first vegetable garden with the aim to show the children in the local afterschool how vegetables grow and then pass on the fruits of their labour to the elderly residents of Cranmore. This initial project has grown; in 2012 with the support of Sligo Borough Parks Dept they secured the lease of a small bit of unused green space at the rear of Sean Fallon Park. They erected a 40ft polytunnel and a number of raised beds where they now grow a variety of fruit and vegetables. At recent community meetings the group could be found handing out freshly gown lettuce to those attending. Another part of the project was to build a community composter and although it has not yet reached its full potential the wider community is now becoming aware of its potential benefits.
Other environmental project they have under taken are flower gardens they created in Joe McDonnell Drive and Cranmore Place which provide a much needed source of food for our dwindling bee population and the relaxation garden in Geldof Drive is a welcomed distraction for the busy residents.
In their short existence they have gone from been just individuals to a group thinking about the positive effects of caring for their estate, their health and their community by creating a example of the potential to be self sufficient in the heart of the city